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a celebration of WHAT WE LOVE

We envision a future where our products mirror the diversity of our consumers, where natural ingredients meet next-generation creativity, and where every individual can see themselves reflected in the products they enjoy.
Cheers to the future and to a product that looks like you!

jamel stephens

the artists' inspiration

dr. Rj woods

Blacker The Berry

blacker the berry

The distinct flavor notes drove the inspiration for the design of Blacker the Berry. I aimed to create a look that was deep and dark but had clear contrast. I wanted a tone and coolness to it, smooth like jazz and R&B. I wanted a beautiful woman with blackberry knots to be as unapologetic as hip-hop. Through trial and error I think I was successful at; merging visions and designing something that wasn’t too busy, didn’t clash with the other parts of the product design, and could be something that stands out from other beverage options alongside the other two flavors.

NyLainah Denee Brewer

Grandma's House

Grandma's house

The illustration I designed for Grandma’s House depicts a little girl and her grandmother baking butterscotch cookies. When I was first assigned this flavor, the first question that was asked was “What is the first memory that comes to mind from the flavor of butterscotch?” The common answer was “Grandma's house.” As a little girl I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. One thing we loved to do together, was bake cookies. She also loved butterscotch, and always had a big jar filled with butterscotch candies on the dining room table. My grandmother aided in my artistic abilities growing up, and in return, it was monumental to honor her in this way by designing this memory on the can. When I view the image it brings that subtle joy, and love I will always have for my grandmother.

Leondre lattimore

Summer Nights

summer nights

The design for Summer Nights is my perception of Afro-futurism. After researching different concepts, I decided to give my own spin on the idea. I enjoy highlighting elements of black culture in my subject matter, so this gave me a fun opportunity to explore that even more. I envisioned something like a superhero when creating the character. I thought it would be cool to make someone that looks like they could be a comic book character, and what better superpower to have than the ability to transcend through the universe.